Fuchsia Fleece Sweatshirt w/ Fur Collar


This fuchsia fleece, zip-front sweatshirt is not your ordinary, wear-to-the-gym top and will be perfect for your 18 inch doll clothes closet. Imagine your doll's favorite sweatshirt combined with a stylish fur trimmed jacket and you have SPSS-FS. Embellished with rhinestones on the pockets and a brown fur trimmed collar, your doll will wear this everywhere. It will look great with her favorite jeans or skirts (not included). A great compliment to this jacket is SBBS-TN, tan suede buckle boots (pictured but not included with purchase). So whether your American Girl is off to meet friends or to work out, this jacket will look great!  Fits many 18 inch dolls like American GirlĀ®, Sophia's, Lee Middleton, Adora and Our Generation.